Is There Any Complaints Against The Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

Over the past few years, I have been suffering from back pain and living an uncomfortable life. Being an office desk worker my job was adding fuel in my problem and believe me, I have never experienced something more troublesome than that.

The arrival of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors was a revolutionary breakthrough in my life. The program talks about some easy exercises that will help you to unlock your stretched and tight hip flexor muscles so that you can’t feel any kind of difficulty in moving your body.

It is designed by two significant personalities, Rick Kaselj and Mike Westedal. Both authors are commonly known as fitness trainers and health care experts. The program guarantees you to make flexible your stiff hips that give you ease in your walking, twisting, skipping, or any kind of movement that you want to do.

While reading the review of this online program where I have found its number of benefits, alongside I have noticed some of its drawbacks as well. If you are willing to buy this program just to read its positive reviews then it will not be fair enough. Before buying it, you should have to look at its negative impacts as well.

In this writing, I am going to shed light on some of its drawbacks so that you get familiar with its cons as well.

Drawbacks and Complaints

From my personal experience, I have figured out that there are some complaints from the customers on the internet regarding the program as well.

Primarily, the very first drawback that I have noticed is that the program is only available in soft copy on the internet. You don’t get access to the physical form the book only digital format or PDF is available for the buyers.

Many people like the physical grip of the book, especially the bibliophiles feel a hard copy of the books as a more reliable source because they can easily get access to it and squeeze out maximum possible benefits from it.

It is possible that they can print it out for themselves but still I feel that it is one of the drawbacks of the program. Unlike other online programs, the Unlock Your Hip Flexors do not provide books in hard copies to its customers.

Although the program is a magical breakthrough for me still there are some rare cases where they cannot get any benefits from it. But the amazing thing is that you can refund your money within 60 days in these kinds of cases. But still, it is a drawback for me.